How to play keno

To learn how to play keno, one should first understand what the game is about? Keno is like a lottery ticket game where there are balls numbered from 1 to 80. These balls are rotated in the round enclosed glass area. The players have to select numbers on which they want to bet. Like for example, they can select 5 places or 6 places, based on that they are known as 5 spot and 6 spot respectively. Randomly 20 numbers are selected and one by one after rotating the enclosure it is collected. The players are given the keno cards where you can mark the balls selected and win.

Keno – A popular game

Keno is a game which is broadly played for two reasons; first is for earning fast cash, and second is the fun and pride factor that people feel while playing keno in casinos. The reason why people think it is a source of fast cash because it does not require big amount of capital which is needed to run a business. And to earn money one has to win the game. This is the game of a little luck and much strategy. The players have to focus on keno strategy to win at keno.

Winning at keno suggests selecting the correct winning numbers. This matching of the number with the random numbers picked is quite difficult. Though the strategy of playing keno differs from player to player, one can apply any of the following keno strategy to play and win the game:

The Basics

In Online Gambling, Live casino keno uses a circular glass “bubble” containing 80 balls which determine the ball-draw result. Each ball is has a number from 1 to 80. During the ball-draw, a tube blows air into the bubble and mixes the balls. The “caller”, a casino employee, presses a lever to open a tube and that lets balls up into a “V” shaped tube known as “rabbit ears”. The caller and a “verifier” record the numbers of 20 balls thus drawn. A computerized keno system calculates all bets based on these numbers. Online keno uses numbers selected by a computer’s random number generator.

Playing Keno

The online casino’s web page becomes your keno lounge. You can point and click with your mouse to select numbers that you want to play, while in offline casinos you have to mark an “S” over the “spot” choices on a blank keno ticket form with 82 numbered selection boxes (1 to 80). You will have flags, windows and sounds to alert you when games are open or closed to betting, as well as to guide you through game play. After all players have put down their wagers, the casino draws 20 balls at random. At some casinos, you will notice that they automatically call the ball-draw at preset times, whether or not anyone is wanting to wage.


“Paytables” are lists of pay scale choices set by the casino. You are paid based on how many numbers you drew match the numbers selected on the keno ticket, as well as your amount wagered as per the table. Casinos can have a wide variation of paytables, with a considerably large deviation in the house edge set for their paytables. You may see many different paytables and specialty keno bets for you to choose from, each with its own unique house edge. Some casinos offer as many as 20 or 30 different paytables which you can select from. The house edge ranges from 4%- 35% compared to between 0%- 5% for non-slot games.

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